5 Powerful Marketing tips for entrepreneurs & small businesses during covid – that will cost you ZERO extra dollars to do

2020 has either paralyzed or kept business owners busy.

We spoke to 20 entrepreneurs this week and realised that every single business owner that invested into marketing was able to successfully navigate the past 6 months.

So, we did some research and collected our top findings, to help you succeed too.

Marketing is more than ever important.

If you are looking for a career change, we also 100% recommend you to explore the world of Digital Marketing.

And if you are a business owner, and want to stay in business – you have no choice but to increase your marketing efforts. The good news is that digital marketing is targeted, so you can reach more people for less money… and yes, you can do it yourself!!!

Let’s get started!!!

1. Tell authentic stories — and give, give, give

Some brands have already produced incredible campaigns that speak about the realities of the pandemic, my favourite one so far has been the Apple “The whole working-from-home thing”


It’s amazing to see creativity in storytelling at this time, but marketers must push their companies to do even more. This is the time to provide as much value as possible to your customers and communities.

I have seen some of our favourite influencers doing Lives with guest speakers.

What better way to tell a story, then by interviewing your happy customers, team and brand ambassadors?

This is a great way to give back! Share as many tips & secrets as possible with your community!!!

This will build brand awareness and get your community to trust you – and will lead to sales and help drive long-term loyalty.

#Giving back is simply the right thing to do. 

2. Agile is the “new normal”

I have seen many people & businesses saying that they are holding off action, thinking that things will be back to “normal” in a few weeks or months.

Guys – 2020 is almost gone!!! And your business will DIE if you don’t move fast, stay agile, pivot and keep moving!! You need to invest time into your marketing every-single-day!!!

It’s time for action, more than ever!

How to do it?

Brainstorm → Post → Do a Small Test → Analyse the results → Improve → Post something better → Analyse the results → Brainstorm → Post something better  (repeat and don’t stop)

3. Re-Brand

What better way to show your success, than by innovating and updating your brand?

A great way to start is by

Reconnecting with your company’s WHY!

Review your MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)


  1. Review (and tweak)  your Persona Analysis
  2. Research into the Psychology of colors/shapes
  3. Tweak your Branding, Hashtags, Filters, Fonts, Colours and Message

And then do a BIG online launch for 2 weeks!

How? Tell your community why you uplifted your Brand in a Blog & Video format. Our community loves celebrating our wins & innovations.

This will definitely shake things up for you! And help you to get the attention, re-connect and get new leads + sales  🙂

4. Reassure Your Customers

Your customers are your business’s #1 fans. Without them, you wouldn’t be the successful business you are today. In a time with so much uncertainty, you need to reassure your customers that you’re there for them and that your business isn’t going anywhere.

How to do it? So happy you asked!


Call, Send Newsletters, Create a Facebook Group, Send them personalized videos and Audio via whatsapp / Facebook Messenger / Viber etc.

Inform your customers about how you’re responding to the coronavirus and let them know you’re there for them when they need you 🙂

Reassuring them that everything is going to be OK. Make them feel special and loved!

Your customers will appreciate the updates and your sensitivity towards the situation 🙂

5. Innovate and get creative

Now that (most) of us are working from home, we have more time in our day thanks to the fact we don’t need to travel between home – office – meetings.

It’s a time to “take risks” and be creative with your product and its marketing tactics.

Call your best 21 customers  and find out what they like the most (so you can market it) and what they would like next (so you can innovate).

Put all of the best ideas on post its and then brainstorm with your team the most powerful, easiest to implement and most profitable ideas. Use a combination of research and gut feeling to make the decision.

In these times, due to the “crazy” changes of 2020 – no stats will be 100% accurate as the market is changing so much every week.

So, have fun innovating and uplifting your products or services! And MARKET your new changes!!!

When it comes to marketing your business during coronavirus, the more creative you are, the better.

Having a unique way to market your products or services makes you stand out from your competition.

Not to mention, spicing up your marketing can help draw in new customers and keep business booming throughout coronavirus & beyond!

To help you, we have created a Branding + Digital Marketing For Startups ONLINE Course via ZOOM.

Myself, Paula Mills (with 14 years of Marketing & Branding experience) and Yesica Alonso  (with 6 years of Digital Marketing & clicks experience)  will be teaching the course.

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If you have any questions, you can contact me via Instagram on PaulaMills.AE or contact Annaliese from our team to find out more at info@aestudy.com

And…. Let me know how you go with the 5 tips above. I can guarantee you will get incredible results 🙂

Big hugs & Boss Your Future

Paula Mills

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