30 ways to make money during the Covid-19 crisis

The world has changed so abruptly in the last few weeks, right?

Working from home has made us rediscover our talents and skills and to make use of it. Let’s look at the bright side of being in lockdown 🙂

First of all, let’s be grateful for technology. It provides us with a venue to make extra money and network with anyone & everyone around the world.

When the World Health Organization officially declared this pandemic, many businesses and companies (like us here at Academy of Entrepreneurs) switched to remote work models and that allow their team to work from home.

Not having to travel to work has given extra downtime for us to learn new skills and set new goals, such as turning our talent & hobby, into a business. In my case, to make use of my extra time, I have decided to enrol to an online class of coding & programming using Python with Pirple.com. It’s a skill I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now but it would never be possible if not because of the global situation.

Let’s be positive and turn “tragic into magic”

We feel that it’s your turn now to make magic and find ways to make extra cash during this crisis.  So, we decided to create this list, to get you inspired – on quick ways you to earn extra cash:

  1. Teach a foreign language
  2. Teach online class and tutorial
  3. Social media marketing and management
  4. Freelance writing
  5. Copywriting and proofreading
  6. Graphic designing
  7. Video editing
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Marketing automation specialist
  10. Dropshipping
  11. Transcriptionist
  12. Create a course
  13. Data encoding
  14. Consulting
  15. Project management
  16. Customer support
  17. Online cooking and baking class
  18. Online instrument tutorial class
  19. Virtual recruiter
  20. Become an insurance agent
  21. Event planner
  22. Sales and business development
  23. Accounting and finance
  24. UX/UI designing
  25. Answering online surveys
  26. Data analyst
  27. Online personal trainer
  28. Online coaching & counselling
  29. Create a handmade craft & sell it online
  30. Mobile app & web development

And to make your life much easier, we have compiled some of the best sites out there that offers remote jobs for different professions, talents, and skills;

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Upwork
  3. Remotasks
  4. Fiverr
  5. Toogit
  6. We Work Remotely
  7. Flexjobs
  8. Jobspresso
  9. Angellist
  10. Working Nomads
  11. Virtual Vocations
  12. Problogger Job Board
  13. Remote Ok
  14. Travel Massive Marketplace
  15. Outsourcely
  16. Guru
  17. Indeed
  18. Authentic Jobs
  19. Hubstaff Talent
  20. Remotive

We wish you all the best during these times and also in improving your skills while earning at the same time. If you wish though to learn more on how you can become an entrepreneur from being a freelancer or just wanted to understand the valuation of the gig economy, you can check out our previous blog entitled: “Can Freelancers become Entrepreneurs?

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