Academy of Entrepreneurs

The world’s first business school where you learn and are mentored by impact entrepreneurs

Yes, 100% of our classes are taught by successful world business leaders.

The education is about transforming students into doers, movers, shakers, problem solvers, disruptors, impact leaders and legacy builders.

Why to choose Academy of Entrepreneurs:

  • Our programs are practical and mentor you on how to step-by-step turn any idea into a successful business that creates a positive impact.
  • Our programs are the bridge between education and the business world, where you network with top leaders, exchange ideas with like minded colleagues, receive weekly mentoring and become leaders of positive change/impact.
  • Our 1 year Diploma of Business program contains 12 subjects which are 3 weeks each, and classes are live on zoom for 4hrs on Mondays.
  • Our award-winning programs have gained respect and admiration globally, resulting in impact in 100+ countries.

Only at the Academy of Entrepreneurs:

  • 100% of classes are taught in workshops mode, and by leading social entrepreneurs
  • Weekly group coaching during class
  • Get access to thousands of global entrepreneurs
  • Become part of the global community and movement of unstoppable entrepreneurs who are passionate about impact
  • Learn via projects and hackathons with real clients
  • You develop innovative business and leadership skills as you study

#BOSSYOURFUTURE and join our social impact community of unstoppable entrepreneurs and #ChangeTheWorld!

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