Academy of Entrepreneurs and Ribit have partnered to help our students get jobs

2020 has so far been a year full of surprises, changes and challenges. According to research 61% of international students lost their jobs due to the pandemic, – however, at Academy of Entrepreneurs, an incredible 100% of our students were employed and remained so throughout the sydney lockdown. 

And now, we’ve gone one step further, we’ve partnered with RIBIT – an online job and internship matching platform – to pair our talented students to jobs that match their experience and goals.

So what is RIBIT, and how does it work?

Essentially, RIBIT connects employers who are looking for talented individuals, to international students who are seeking employment, opportunities and relevant professional experience alongside their studies.

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RIBIT is a free service for our students to use and is constantly updated to include the latest job openings from employers in startups & big companies across Australia. RIBIT also sends our students email updates with new job openings to ensure they are the first to know! Great, right?!

What does this mean for Academy of Entrepreneur students?

The Academy of Entrepreneurs is always one step ahead when it comes to empowering & supporting our students. Whilst our students currently enjoy a wide range of benefits including networking with our business partners & weekly workshops with startups/scale-ups such as Google, Canva, Attlasian etc, business mentoring and weekly webinars, we wanted to go the extra mile.

You may have heard we are actively promoting our 407 Training Visa opportunity (read more here) – this gives students up to two years full time paid work experience opportunities after graduating with us. (yes, you read that right – paid work!!!)

By partnering with RIBIT, we have increased our students’ chances of finding a job related to their  studies, experience and goals, and ultimately, of finding a suitable employer for the 407 Training Visa.

Over the two years students spend with us, they will be given the knowledge, skills and network needed to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

What can we expect from this partnership?

The Academy of Entrepreneurs and Ribit are actively working together on many exciting events  that will help our students make the most of their time with us and find the perfect employer – be sure not to miss anything by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and by subscribing to our Eventbrite page

Are you an Academy of Entrepreneurs student?

Sign-up to Ribit using the link below and #BossYourFuture

For more information, you can contact me at

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Annaliese Whipp 

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