CEO of Academy of Entreprenuers is invited to Participate in PH’s Startup Week

Did you know, this week is officially Filipino start-up week?! It is!

And we’re super excited that our Founder, Paula Mills, will be participating on the panel of speakers to share her knowledge and help empower the Filipino start-up community!

This year’s theme “Filipino Startups Powering Up the New Normal”, is the country’s large-scale collaborative initiative by multiple government and private agencies showcasing the Filipino startup community. The 5-day conference will be held via an online platform that will capture all the excitement of an engaging virtual experience to enable attendees to learn, interact, network, and collaborate remotely. The conference sets out to highlight the various sectors and entities contributing to the burgeoning Philippine startup ecosystem.

The sky’s the limit! And the impact is REAL!

Why not join us?

Click here to join at 7:30pm Sydney time, this November 26th



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