Design Thinking is the secret to your business’ success in 2020

We have all heard the saying “Innovate or Die”, but it wasn’t until 2020 that many people understood the meaning (and its importance)

Designing Thinking will save you! No matter what stage you are at; idea – ready to launch – small business – scale-up!


Before I tell you how, it’s important that you know what Design Thinking is.

Design Thinking in the art of problem solving, with the user in mind and project managing it into little sprints.

In a sense it flipped the way creating products, companies, services, and anything you can think of has worked for many years. Instead of focusing on how you are going to create your next product it suggests that we should think about the people it is created for first. That’s right, no more “Build it and they will come”. With Design Thinking it’s more like: “Ok, Who are we solving the problem for?, What problem do our customers want to solve? What is the outcome our customers want to achieve?.” Once you know all that then you start building.

Here is how it works:

So, how will it save you/your startup/your business in 2020?

Customers are the heart of a business. we , entrepreneurs/startups, exist to “solve a problem” for them.

Due to the challenges that Covid-19 brought to us, along with the global financial recession, businesses now need more than EVER to understand their customer’s needs, empathise → define → ideate → prototype → and test new products/services/features

The Design Thinking methodology/process will give you greater insight, that you can apply quickly, at a low cost and risk – in the form of Sprints.

Ok, so you want to see an example?

Uber Eats is on a mission to make eating well effortless for everyone, everywhere.

So, they have approached their food delivery service with a design thinking mindset. They have understood all of their different markets and how their products fit into the physical conditions of each city.

“We constantly immerse ourselves in the places where our customers live, work, and eat. Sitting in our offices in San Francisco or New York, we can’t truly understand the experiences of a person on the streets of Bangkok or London.” –  Uber Eats Team

From The Walkabout Program, to  Order shadowing to Fireside chats, they have done it all.

Read all about it here:

What next?

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