Entrepreneurship in schools has the power to re-build & accelerate the economy

“Unemployment in Panama has grown by 25% and informal work has increased by 55% in 2020” – Forbes Centroamerica

Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Yunus ‘we are not seekers, we are job creators”,  the Academy of Entrepreneurs, Panamanian Embassy in Australia and the Panamanian Ministry of Education united their forces to transform 24,000 High School Students and Teachers into Entrepreneurs.

The Academy of Entrepreneurs built an exclusive program to empower the participants with the skills and network to turn problems into businesses that create an impact aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The classes were taught for 8 weeks 100% online and in Spanish followed by two weeks of pitch preparation and a Final Pitch on December 10th, 2020.

It was impressive to see how the Panamanian High School teachers were extremely engaged and participated week-by-week and used and integrated our extra curricular weekly activities into the school curriculum.

This program successfully contributed to the COVID-19 economic recovery and to foster Latin American – Australia connections via Entrepreneurship / online trade between Australia and Panama.

We would like to also thank the Deputy Minister of Education, Zonia Gallardo de Smith, the Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation Erika Mouynes, the Australian Ambassador to Mexico, attending in Panama, Remo Moretta and Ambassador of Panama in Australia, Marcelino Aviles for your collaboration.

We would also like to thank Miguel Mudbidri, International Trade expert and entrepreneur, and Andres Garzon, Business Growth Coach and Entrepreneur, for judging and mentoring in the Final Pitch Day!

And a super congratulation to  the winners Lorena González and Faryth Staley from the Colegio bilingüe María Auxiliadora, the co-founders of “Reciplas”, a plastic recycling startup that turns plastic bottles into bricks and used to build affordable, environmental friendly, and sustainable houses in 3 days and schools in 7 days.

“Our Mission has always been to accelerate social impact, so this is just the beginning.”

 – Paula Mills, CEO of the Academy of Entrepreneurs

We are extremely proud with the results and aim to expand this project in 100+ schools across Australia and the world.

Please contact us at info@aestudy.com so we can discuss how we can transform your students into “job creators, not job seekers” and create an impact in your school and community.


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