Andre Andrade

From Student to Entrepreneur: Andres’ Success Story

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to share with you today the story of Andre Andrade, an Academy of Entrepreneurs’ Alumni that has absolutely bossed his future as an international student, and now is a successful entrepreneur.

Andre AndradeMeet Andre Andrade, an Academy of Entrepreneurs Alumni that #BossedHisFuture and went from International Student to Business Owner. He came back to campus to share his journey and tips.

Paula: Why did you move to Australia?

Andre: I had started a few projects, and failed due to lack of innovation. After the World Cup, the market became very sensitive, I didn’t pivot so it was time to start again, upskill myself and identify a new opportunity.

Paula: We all know that as an International Student you need to juggle many tasks, tell us about your journey.

Andre: I arrived in Sydney in November 2017, with no money or English language skills – just work ethics and a positive attitude. Like many international students, I bought an old bike and started deliveries via the Foodora, UBER Eats and Deliveroo app. It was great, I worked the hours that I wanted, made around AUD1,200 per week – and had free time to do what I loved. That is the #big benefit of delivery as a job, you have control over your diary. Which allowed me to study at Academy of Entrepreneurs and start a free trainee at an electric bicycle shop.

Paula: Why did you choose to get work experience at the bicycle shop?

Andre: I love the idea of combining sports and mechanics. It was the perfect combination for me.

“I suggest everyone do free work experience in an industry you love. Work 3x harder than anyone else – and think + act like an entrepreneur” – Andre Andrade

Paula: So, how did you go from free work experience to being a shareholder?

Andre: It was a combination of commitment + work ethics + Good English Skills. Plus…I saw the opportunity. The food delivery market was growing. It tripled in the past 2 years. So I grew along with it. I initially worked as a  mechanic then went into stock and then sales all in three months. I got offered paid work on Sundays and week by week I got given more duties, hours, and a better salary. 12 months after I started my work experience UBER Eats “exploded” with success! – and so did my opportunities and growth!

I took ownership. I looked after the business like it was mine, so when it was time to negotiate with the founder – it was easy. I had given my 100%. I worked more than needed, found solutions, cut down costs, innovated, found new opportunities – and built a really good relationship with customers. So when the time came to negotiate, the thought of them losing me was impossible. I was already seen in the business as a partner, so becoming a shareholder was a natural process. By August 2019, we had signed all the documents- and I became a part-owner of the business.  I did not have to put money, but instead I had put in the hard work, the hours, the commitment – and had given the results above the expectation.

“I would say that two skills helped me, one was #Resilience and another one was #CustomerSatisfaction. No matter how big the challenges were I #NeverGaveUp and I always looked for ways to understand our customers better and deliver to them more than our competitors”

Paula: That is great! Now, if you have to give yourself one piece of advice to yourself for Day 1 of Life in Australia, what would it be?

Andre: Work for free and always deliver above expectations! Australia has a strong economy – it needs hard-working leaders. If you do this, you will absolutely get hired! The market needs you. Work hard – take action – and you will win.

Always #BossYourFuture

Paula: Now tell us, what are the benefits of Sydney EBike Rentals?

Andre: When you rent an e-bike

  • maintenance is included (it will cost you AUD $100+ an hour to fix it, and normally the mechanics will take 4 days – which means you won’t have work for almost a week)
  • 1week is only $59 per week, and it comes with everything included including the lock, lights, helmet and phone holder
  • UBER Eats drivers make around AUD $1000 per week (if you work hard, you can get around AUD1,200-$1,500)
  • E-bikes can park anywhere, which saves you a lot of time
  • E-bikes don’t get parking fine (parking varies from $3-20per hour in Sydney and a fine is around AUD $100)
  • No fuel cost
  • It is a great Exercise
  • The UBER Eats/Foodora app does everything for you. You just turn it on, accept the job, follow the map, and deliver. You don’t even need to speak English
  • And the best of all, you have control over your work hours. You don’t have a boss and/or time to start or finish.

My tip; ” The best days to work are Fridays – Saturdays – Sundays”

Paula: What’s next?

Andre: Now that I graduated from Academy of Entrepreneurs, I am applying for a work visa.

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