Meet Sophia Tremenheere 

How I used COVID-19 to grow and scale up my business

Meet Sophia Tremenheere 

Women’s Hormone & Empowerment Coach, Founder of So Tremendous

Digital Marketing Strategist, Founder of Wholistic Creatives Co.

What have been your biggest entrepreneurial accomplishments in the past 8 weeks?

I have been fortunate to build a global online business model that has been resilient to the threat of the COVID-19 economic crisis.

This meant that whilst many other businesses needed time to pivot and evolve during these uncertain times, instead I was able to use the time to grow and scale up my business.

Meet Sophia Tremenheere Being an entrepreneur means I have to understand not just one aspect of the business, but all (particularly during its early stages). I used to feel overwhelmed and very alone, however since joining the Academy of Entrepreneurs I have found the support invaluable; from the mentoring to networking and opportunities for collaboration. Every week I am keeping momentum, smashing goals whilst learning how to make my business more efficient.

My number 1 tip for everyone that is “stuck” at home and now considering becoming an entrepreneur is reframe your thinking of being ‘stuck at home’’ to now having ‘the time and energy to innovate’.

Too easily you could distract yourself with tasks that give you instant gratification or feed into your fear of scarcity. This is why it’s so important to keep taking action—and not letting self-doubt set in. In fact one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given (which I remind myself daily) is to ‘move faster than the speed of disbelief’.

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