Felipe Zulauga

How one of Colombia’s biggest influencer got a job in a Leading FinTech in the country During COVID-19

Without a doubt, it’s certainly challenging to find a job right now, but it’s by no means impossible! The first step to your success is to #BossYourFuture

Felipe ZulaugaHere at Academy of Entrepreneurs we have so many exciting success stories to share with you. This week we interviewed one of our online legends (students), Felipe Zulauga, to tell you first hand his experience with at studying at the Academy of Entrepreneurs, and how it helped him to land an amazing job in August 2020 in Bogota, Colombia.

AE: Why did you decide to study at the Academy of Entrepreneurs?

1. I chose to study at the Academy of Entrepreneurs (AE) because of the content they teach. I don’t believe you can find that uniqueness anywhere else or even at any top university! And when you want to be an entrepreneur, what you need to be learning is about entrepreneurship and you need to learn it from people that have succeeded at it. The Academy of Entrepreneurs has that!

2. I believe Masters are very theoretical. The Academy of Entrepreneur’s business diploma is practical, hand-on and you progress every day.

AE is focused on building yourself towards your own business rather than preparing you for a position. I love the international community they have and I’m pretty sure that’s why there is so much knowledge and idea flow. Being ready to be your own boss prepares you so perfectly also to get your dream job because you have a different mentality than the rest of the candidates.

AE: In your opinion, why are entrepreneurial skills so important to survive in 2020?

I believe entrepreneurial skills are part of your everyday life. Even more now with all this craziness surrounding the pandemic. You either need to be selling something or doing something in order to survive. If you have the right skill set this will come to you easily, effortlessly. If not, you will struggle with no end.

AE: What did you study and what do you think you got from it?

I studied a bachelor’s degree in international business management 🙂

It has improved the way I “sell” myself to brands and people. It has made me more persuasive and in some situations made me understand why some posts/videos/ideas perform better than others.

You know, it’s really funny. I didn’t even apply for my job. I just had an impulse to update my CV, in case somebody contacted me. I did just that and sent it to a friend who works in the human resources department of a company and who also has a lot of experience with CVs, to get her opinion. She said it looked nice and sent it over to a few friends, and that’s when I got the call.

Tips for interviews… I believe you have to be very honest with the interviewer. Start-ups have this relaxed/working 24/7 environment so if you don’t really like something just tell the truth. When you’re honest you’re showing your true self and if that vibes with the company the job will be perfect for you. If you’re honest and your interview does not like it then it’s probably not the best option for you.

I’m going to repeat this because I believe it’s more important. Portraying myself better. I might have a lot of important qualities but, I wasn’t demonstrating them to the companies that I was applying to. Through the online classes at AE I was able to understand what might be important for employers/startups and focus on those areas more. So far I have studied emotional intelligence, finance for startups/money management and design thinking 😁. I have 5 more subjects to do till I graduate.

AE: What’s next for Felipe?

I want to test myself with this new job without putting my life as an influencer/work in social media on the side. I want to see if I perform well in a startup/business environment as an employee and of course have an open mind to learn as much as I can. For now, 12 months will be for testing, but I’ll be learning and hustling to be able to do both things 100%!

It sounds tough but nothing is impossible and that really motivates me!

Academy of Entrepreneurs has already helped thousands of students here in Australia to succeed and overcome the challenges presented before them.

Whether that be finding a job in 2020, successfully launching a business or building on the modern-day skillset so many businesses are looking for, we can help you too to #BOSSYOURFUTURE!

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