Gelma Fonseca

Meet Gelma, Founder of Gelma Fonseca Coach – from Brazil 🇧🇷

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Meet Gelma – Founder of Gelma Fonseca Coach, life coach and entrepreneur from Brazil. 🇧🇷

Gelma is really passionate about people and their lives – and is commonly described as a “people person.” She loves being free and connected with people, sharing their different experiences based on their cultural backgrounds. She loves human development and is an advocate of self-awareness. She also loves sports and watching the perfect sunrise in Sydney. 🌅
Aside from being an entrepreneur, reading, cycling, and hiking with friends are some of the activities that she enjoys, especially activities that surround her with nature. 🌳🚴‍♀️

1. About her business 🙏

Gelma Fonseca Coach is about Life Coaching – helping and supporting people to achieve their goals through self knowledge and personal development. One of its core values is understanding why it’s important to establish goals by introducing balance in every key aspect of their lives.

In case that the coachee has a business or wants to create a business, Gelma also helps them to achieve the tasks related to their #businessgoals and obtain the expected results, developing a connection between their purpose in life and entrepreneurship.

2. The Idea 💡

Gelma believes most of the people are not aware of what they reallly want in life. Thus, they get lost, not finding a reason or a purpose and a lot of times not believing in themself.

She really believes that everyone has a purpose, a mission, and a talent – and you can find always find a way to discover it and channel it in your life.

3. The Biggest Challenge 💥

Believing and convincing herself that it was possible to have a “free life,” doing something that she truly loves, while receiving money in exchange of her work, was one of Gelma’s biggest challenges in opening her business.

Gelma Fonseca

4. Key factors 💯

For Gelma, these were the key factors & activities that were vital to launching her business:
  • Studying in a good school (coaching)
  • Self-development
  • Developing people skills
  • Training the ability to listen to people
  • Learning about the people, mind, body and feelings
  • Never stop learning!

5. Why Australia/Sydney? 🇦🇺

Gelma chose Australia because this is a country “where you can learn English,” while being able to meet a great network and find English-speaking clients. On top of that, the lovely environment & stunning nature is a big boost! ✨

6. How did Academy of Entrepreneurs help you in your journey? 🏆

Gelma Fonseca

“Academy of Entrepreneurs exposed me to a great network of entrepreneurs (both social and personal), helped me with my business structure, and opened me to job opportunities. The Academy provided me with tools which helps improve my entrepreneurship skills.” – Gelma Moreira Fonseca

7. Next Goals 🚀

An entrepreneur is ALWAYS looking forward. Here are Gelma’s next top goals:
  • Freedom
  • Develop a product
  • Inspire the people
  • Have a bigger company
  • Reach a bigger market 🌏

8. Next Big Steps 😎

Before a goal comes to life, you’ve got to have ideas and an action plan – to turn them into reality.

Gelma’s goal is to develop a marketing strategy for Brazil and Australia. Even though the market is similar, the way of approaching the customers are very different. So she has to create one strategy and then adapt it to another country; it can go either way but the result has to be the same.

9. Advice for next legends ✨

Her advice to future #AElegends:

“Before to start your business, find your purpose in life and connect it to your entrepreneurship goals.”

10. Quotable Quote!

Every entrepreneur has some personal favourite quotes, here are Gelma’s:
“You always can make an extra lap.”
“What’s the point if you don’t try?”
“Go big or go home!”
“Believe in yourself, because no one will do it for you.”

Massive thank you to Gelma – for sharing your personal journey with us and also to Luis, fellow #AElegend who conducted this awesome interview. Stay tuned to meet the other legends of Academy of Entrepreneurs! 🔥 Follow Hatim at:
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