Meet Sofia, Photography Entrepreneur

Meet Sofia, Photography Entrepreneur

Sofia’s dream was to live abroad as soon as possible. Sofia finished university and started on her big adventure travelling around the world. After many years of travelling the globe Sofia was in Russia and this is where she developed another passion. A passion for photography.

Meet Sofia, Photography EntrepreneurRussia had her heart and she fell in love with this beautiful country “I felt the need of taking thousands of photos (even though i didn’t have a camera) to be able to share with friends and family what i was witnessing”.

The adventure came to an end and Sophia went back home. While in her room looking to start her first photography course. A knock on her bedroom door. She opened it and her dad said “pick the camera that you like the most and I’ll get it for you”.

“I guess he realized how much it meant to me. I have been travelling the world for 3 years now and my camera is the only thing I can’t travel without. I just love sharing my travel experiences through my photos.”

“Photography to me was a way to rediscover myself. I realized that i really enjoy things like arts, architecture and teaching – who would have thought, I never did”

Photography is such an intimate way of expressing yourself and sharing your memories.

For Sophia it’s very powerful!

“It is a great way to connect with people and nature, no matter how my day was, i know i can always grab my camera, go out to shoot a sunset and I know it will make my day end so much better”

Photography is critical when it comes to business. It creates your first impression of a company.  A good photo or video can determine whether your customer will purchase your product. A photo can speak a thousand words, generate emotions, spark something in someone. It gives you the opportunity to make an impact.

Photography has come a long way from 35mm nowadays a good smartphone can provide very professional looking photos with very little effort if you know how to set the shot up.

Sophia’s Tips

  • Make sure your light is nice and even.  If at home, always shoot your subject or product facing towards the window, not away. This reduces the chance for shadows.
  • Avoid using the flash of your phone. It will probably ruin that soft light that we are looking for.
  • Make sure your photo is in focus and sharp. We want to avoid any type of blurred images.
  • Use composition rules to make your photos look more professional. For example: rule of thirds. Use free apps like Lightroom and Vsco to make your photo pop.

During these difficult times Sophia used this time to reconnect with my old customers. Finding out if they are interested in learning the art of photography.

Watch this space

“I’m working on an intense one month course that will be launching soon!”

Photo: Mount Fuji, Japan.  This is one of my favorite photos ever. It looks unreal every time i see it. Fun fact, I almost missed it.

It took me 8 hours to get there. 2 trains and one bus. The sun was coming down and I knew I was going to miss the sunset as I was still far away from my desired location.

Luckily, i was able to find another interesting spot while on the bus so i got off, ran towards it, took my camera and shot.

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