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On Social Media Video is MVP

When we talk about social media strategies, there are many subjects we can touch on: calendars, social boosting, platforms. There are many theories about all of those things: “It’s better to post once a week”, “You should post at night” “Tik Tok is where the kids will be” But in fact, it all depends on your strategy and the kind of audience and brand you have. There is however, one unbeaten rule: It doesn’t matter the frequency, the time, the platform – VIDEO IS ALWAYS THE MOST VALUABLE CONTENT YOU CAN HAVE. 

We don’t say this lightly, VIDEO, will make a big difference across your platforms and in your content. My favorite example of how relevant video has become to digital marketing, not only on social media, is that there are now companies who offer to create TRAILERS! Yes, like a movie trailer, but for books! But if it’s to be sold online, there’s nothing like the power of video to present it.

Studies show anywhere between 74% and 85% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product, subsequently bought it. So you better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

Moreover, it all comes down to social media engagement too. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were all social networks that, at least in the beginning, were created around the idea of text or photography, however, they now give priority to video content. Then you realize that there are entirely new social networks that are being developed around video and you know you can’t be wrong, you just need to learn what your audience is looking for and be careful not to make a fool of yourself. Has anyone been TikToking recently?

And if the social media platforms are heading that way it’s not because they decided to, it’s because the users are asking for it. According to a study by Animoto, video is by far the users favorite type of content on social media. The best part is, it actually works! In the same study 73% of social media users claimed they were convinced to finally make a purchase after seeing a video of the product or the brand on social media. Whether it was paid ads or brand content was not relevant.

HOT TIP: Don’t let the hype of new social media distract you from the main platforms. It’s ok to go on TIK TOK and Reels if you have the team, the time and the resources, but stick to the basics that are the most effective. Especially if your strategy is not specifically designed for new platforms. According to a poll by Wyzowl, experienced Video Marketers still find Youtube to be the #1 platform with facebook running up close second. Remember, it’s all about being where the audience is.

There’s so much to talk about in relation to video marketing, especially for startups and small businesses, so expect another couple of posts with more detail and some hard data for you to consider soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for a course on how to start your business, or you feel like you are missing something in the process of doing so, why don’t you take our How to turn any idea into a business course?

Written by Miguel A. Castro Arguimbau

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