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10 month Australian Entrepreneurship Diploma 100% online
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Diploma of International Entrepreneurship
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While everyone is on lockdown mode at home  >  Turn your hobby into a business  >  and get a degree

Why should you study & become an entrepreneur?

Building a company from the ground up hones these leadership traits, which means that entrepreneurship can transform you into an inspiring leader both professionally and personally.

Build your dream career that directly align with your core values, like helping others, saving the environment, or putting family first.

Digital nomads are becoming increasingly common. Entrepreneurs combine fun travel with online business, and work from cafes, hotels, and co-working spaces in the coolest cities around the globe, which can make for some neat “offices.” Even if you aren’t trekking the world, the ability to work from a local park, a beautiful café, or even a home office (while wearing pajamas), is incredible.

Start your day early if you’re a morning person, work later in the day if you prefer evenings.

Autonomy = job satisfaction

Starting a company forces you to constantly improve your skillset, from marketing to closing deals to creating Excel reports.

By becoming an entrepreneur, you will join a group of ambitious and helpful people who believe in bettering themselves and the world.

Responding to unexpected situations teaches you to live in the moment and be more present.

Entrepreneurs can choose which clients to work with, employees to hire, and partnerships to pursue.

Entrepreneurs become more confident in their self-sufficiency as time goes on and they see what they are truly capable of.

Ready to enjoy the entrepreneur life?

Get your idea out there by studying the Academy of Entreoreneurs’ of course

Study Academy of Entrepreneurs Australia’s 10 month Diploma 100% online

Starts anytime! Anywhere!
8 subjects! Self-Study

No test
No Homework

Submit one Assessment Project every 5 weeks only

Exclusive: Masterclass Live Webinar every 2 weeks


  • Develop entrepreneurial skills and solutions
  • Learn design thinking, entrepreneurial methods and lean startup tools
  • Develop skills to identify opportunities and turn ideas into a business opportunity
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Become an Emotionally Intelligence leader
  • Boost your resume

Start: Anytime

Duration: 10 months

Price: USD120 per month only

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A Certificate of Achievement is given upon successful completion of the program

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