There will be no 21st century-learning without 21st-century teaching.

We believe in building a world where everyone is empowered to be a change-maker and that journey starts in the classroom.


Academy of Entrepreneurs™ has custom made Teacher Training Programs for High School and University Professionals.

Our programs offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance the participants' impact in the education environment. It is built for Classroom Teachers, Career Advisors, Academic Managers and Principals.

Location = Worldwide

Program aims:

  • Develop a growth and problem-solving mindset
  • Become an Emotionally Intelligent leader
  • Develop a Design Thinking mindset
  • Connect strength and skills
  • Boost creativity
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Enhance time management
  • Become more focused
  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Maximise productivity and performance
  • Boost satisfaction and motivation
  • Increase teaching confidence and results
  • ​Manage and reduce stress

Program overview:

Module 1

Cultivating emotional resilience in teachers

In this module, participants will learn how to become Emotionally Intelligent and Resilient. They will also learn how to adapt to challenging and adverse situations. Once they understand how their thoughts, feelings, and actions impact them, they are better able to make positive changes and benefit their students’ learning outcomes.

Module 2

Personal Power

Learn to identify individual strengths and increase self-awareness, which in turn will increase personal power. Participants will unleash their ability to solve problems and achieve results via Growth Mindset and Design Thinking activities.

Module 3

Behavioural self control and stress management

Identify how to keep disruptive emotions and impulses by using the Emotional Audit Tool, designed to buy time to provide “space of mind” and the ability to work calmly under pressure.

Participants will also learn how to effectively synthesize and facilitate learning, articulate ideas, communicate and debate with confidence.

Module 4

Becoming an Intrapreneur for Institutional Growth

Given the skills learned and developed in the previous modules, participants will now identify within their institutions challenges/problems where they can propose innovative solutions. They will learn how to use the Canvas Model to implement an intrapreneurial solution within their institution.

Participants will work in teams using their newly identified strengths to solve those challenges and present a 3minute proposal in a Pitch Deck format to the Head/Director/Principal.

All participants will receive a certificate of attainment upon completion of Teacher Training Program

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