The University of the East Caloocan signed MoU with Academy of Entrepreneurs to empower 12,000 students with entrepreneurship courses

March 12th, 2020, at 9:30 am the leadership team of the University of the East Caloocan and Academy of Entrepreneurs met at the Australian Embassy of the Philippines for a signing ceremony to formalise their plans to offer Academy of Entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurship certificates to University of the East Caloocan students.

The University of the East also known as UE, is a private university located in the Philippines with 3 campuses strategically located at the country’s capital Manila City, Quezon City, and Caloocan City. It was founded in 1946. Business tycoon Lucio Tan acquired the university in 1990. UE was once labeled as the “largest university in Asia”.  Today, University of the East has 38,000 students spread between its three campuses.

“Our goal is to make UE students become globally competitive leaders. At UE we prepare students for the world by partnering with the highly acclaimed international educational institutions that offer globally recognized knowledge and certificates” – Dr. Battad, UE Caloocan Chancellor & Dr. Divinigracia, UE Caloocan Dean

Ever since the CEO of the Academy of Entrepreneurs Australia visited the Philippines 48 months ago, Paula Mills had identified the potential of empowering Filipinos into entrepreneurs that accelerate social impact – and decided to make that her strategic priority.

The population of The Philippines is one of the world’s most entrepreneurial — the country has the 10th most entrepreneurs per head globally and nearly 60% of Filipinos plan to open their own business in the coming three years. – Manila Times

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Filipino economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), including micro-enterprises, account for 99 percent of all business establishments.

“We need to empower students into entrepreneurs that can provide solutions by creating wealth, jobs, and social empowerment in the Philippines” –  Paula Mills, CEO of the Academy of Entrepreneurs

The Philippines leadership team of Academy of Entrepreneurs Nico Luciano, Faisal Alih, and Dennis Layug, are on the path towards revolutionizing the educational sector of the Philippines to make it competitive at a global level.

“We are so excited to announce that the Academy of Entrepreneurs Australia is now an official global partner of University of the East, Caloocan.  We believe in the power of collaboration in the education space as the driving force to build the roadmap to the success of our students.” – Nico Luciano, Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC for Academy of Entrepreneurs.

The partnership was sealed and signed on March 12, 2020, held at Australian Embassy in Manila, Philippines with the presence of the following representatives.

From the University of the East, Caloocan;

  • Zosimo M. Battad, Chancellor
  • Louie A. Divinagracia, Dean of the College of Business Administration
  • Emeteria B. Dalisay, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration
  • Rosalinda B. Lacerona, Chair of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Ernesto B. Arpon, Chair of the Department of Marketing
  • Ildefonso G. Mariquit, Jr., Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Marilou S. Alonzo, Principal of the Basic Education Department
  • Aileen B. Marquez, ABM Coordinator of the Senior High School

From the Australian Embassy;

  • Elodie Journet, the Austrade Minister Counsellor and Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner
  • Grace Halcon, the Austrade Education Business Manager
  • Kimberley Cuesta, the Austrade Education Business Manager
  • Rollie Dela Cruz, the Portfolio Manager Economic Section.

From the Academy of Entrepreneurs;

  • Dennis Layug, the Country Director
  • Nico Luciano, the Head of Strategic Partnerships, APAC
  • Aimee De Guzman, GM

We would like to extend a special thanks to Grace Halcon, Business Development Manager – Education, Manila of the Australian Trade and Investment Commissions for coordinating the signing ceremony.

“Our goal is for the Academy of Entrepreneurs to empower UE students into global entrepreneurs that accelerate global impact and implement solutions. It is time for the Philippines to become a globally competitive leader with a strong economy and infrastructure, as well as a leading AgriTech and Tourism industry. ” –  Paula Mills, CEO of the Academy of Entrepreneurs

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Author: Nico Luciano

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