What is the Academy of Entrepreneurs?

We are the future of education! We are the most disruptive school in the world.

We don’t have teachers. We don’t have books. We don’t have homework.

Our classes are taught by entrepreneurs, via workshops & hackathons.

At Academy of Entrepreneurs, our legends learn via entrepreneurs that have launched, built and scaled successful start-ups and businesses around the world.

We strongly believe that the only way to learn entrepreneurship is by being surrounded and mentored by entrepreneurs (not via academic books and old-school teachers).


Only at Academy of Entrepreneurs:

  • Turn your idea into a business
  • Individual coaching
  • Australian Nationally Accredited Courses
  • Learn how to pitch
  • Get access to our investor network
  • Be surrounded by our global community of entrepreneurs
  • Weekly workshops by leading entrepreneurs
  • Learn via hackathon
  • Develop innovative business skills as you study

We have 16,000 entrepreneurs from 51 countries in our community.


Become the leader you were born to be!

Join our community of entrepreneurs.

Start today

Enrol into our 5-star rated

How to Start a Business in 8hr online course https://academy-of-entrepreneurs.com/p/start-a-business/

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