Women Empowerment

We, at the Academy of Entrepreneurs, don’t wait for change, we create it!!

This March our focus is on Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

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Why women? Because we need more women entrepreneurs!

  • Female entrepreneurs make significant contributions to economic growth and to poverty reduction around the world.
  • Female-owned firms generate higher revenues.
  • Female-owned firms create more jobs than their male-owned peers.
  • Women executives significantly improve startup company performance.
  • Women have a larger appetite for growth.

Yet, female entrepreneurs only make up approximately 30% of all entrepreneurs globally.

We have made it our mission to collaborate with institutions, foundations & governments  so we can unlock the full potential of women’s mindset and skills so we can reach 50%.

Join our program and empower an unlimited number of participants and transform them into successful entrepreneurs and leaders.
Yes, male students are 100% welcome in the program too!

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Join our #BossYourEconomy movement today!

How does it work?

  • Learn success stories of 30+ Female Entrepreneurs (business and revenue models) to be inspired and be empowered.
  • 10hrs self-paced course; learn via our app step-by-step on how to turn your idea into a business.
  • Get access to an exclusive Facebook group and connect with change makers from all over the world.
  • Access to weekly live masterclasses with successful Entrepreneurs who will share their most powerful tips and tricks so you can succeed faster.
  • Access to weekly live mentors.
  • Top 6 ideas get access to pitch, network and collaborate with global leaders and investors.

From USD10,000 for USD $1,000

Sign up your schools, university and/or company into our #BossYourEconomy program for USD $1,000 and give YOUR community of learners the skills and network to transform all problems into business opportunities that will rebuild OUR economy.

Join our #BossYourEconomy movement today!

Secure your access today

Step 1) Email BossYourEconomy@aestudy.com requesting your invoice to be issued and send us your logo in png format and we will in 24hrs create your landing page where you can sign up the participants in your organisation* automatically.

Step 2) Share your landing page with everyone in your community. We have created a toolkit with tips on how to promote via email, the media and posts across your social media.

Step 3) Pick the best idea in your organisations, and send it to us at BossYourEconomy@aestudy.com on the 27th of the month

Step 4) Our panel will on the 29th announce the top 10 ideas

Step 5) Join us on the 30th for the Demo Pitch Day, where the top 10 ideas will pitch in front of global leaders and investors!!

Don’t wait for change, create it - together with us!!

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We have made it our mission to rebuild the economy and empower everyone with the entrepreneurial skills, networks & funds to solve ALL of the problems that COVID-19 brought into our lives.

This is a call out to all change makers.

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